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We passionately believe that knowledge and skills empower people and businesses to grow, develop and achieve.

Who We Are

CPL Training is an international training company and the biggest provider of personal licence training in the UK. We work closely with leading awarding bodies and together we have developed a range of qualifications for the licensed retail, hospitality, security and care sectors.

Over 30,000 people a year undergo face-to-face training with us, and 1.2 million e-learning courses are taken online. Our customers range from individuals who want to improve their knowledge and skills, to corporate customers both large and small.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a broad-based, global education solutions provider.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break down barriers to learning, howsoever they may arise, helping individuals and organisations to grow, develop and realise their potential. We shall accomplish our mission and realise our vision by developing our blended learning approach and by designing and delivering courses and qualifications that are relevant, up-to-date and accessible. We shall invest in technology and infrastructure, recruit the brightest and the best talent, focus on innovation and invest in our people.

Who Can Help You Make It Happen?

Daniel DaviesDaniel DaviesChief ExecutiveI

Daniel Davies is an entrepreneur who started in business at the age of eighteen. Daniel is a co-founder of CPL Training and has been personally involved in its rise to be number one in its core market. Daniel remains a hands-on member of the team as well as developing allied businesses to support CPL Training's growth. As Chief Executive, Daniel is responsible for implementing the Board's strategy so that CPL Training can achieve the goals set for it. Daniel also maintains and develops the company's relationships with major corporate clients and their key partners and is responsible for establishing CPL Training's expansion into the delivery of training and qualifications internationally.

Paul ChasePaul ChaseDirector and Head of UK ComplianceI

Paul Chase is a graduate Political Economist with over twenty years of experience in operating licensed retail premises. He is a co-founder of CPL Training and as a Director and Head of UK Compliance he is responsible for ensuring the business targets of his department are delivered to the Board. Widely acknowledged as a sector expert, Paul is also responsible for compliance course development and works closely with awarding bodies, developing and maintaining CPL's licensed retail sector qualifications. In addition, Paul also manages a number of key corporate accounts within the company.

Peter MossPeter MossGroup Finance DirectorI

Peter is CPL's Training Group Finance Director and is responsible for both the strategic and day-to-day financial management of the Group. With over 20 years’ experience across the Professional Services, Distribution, Logistics and Retail sectors, Peter has achieved significant success; he has held the position of Finance and Operations Director at a number of multi Fast Track 100 award winning companies. By implementing best practice and practical risk management within CPL, Peter's financial management experience is invaluable across all areas of the Group.

Louise SuiLouise SuiCommercial DirectorI

With an extensive background in Sales, Marketing and Database Marketing Louise knows how to utilise the opportunities presented to the company through diversifying its markets and adding force to marketing plans, ensuring that she pushes CPL forward as a leader in the Training sector. Louise maintains a very clear message for businesses across all sectors: every organisation can benefit from training, and as an organisation offering blended learning solutions, CPL Training are certainly the ones who can provide it best. Louise also has numerous exciting ideas on how to raise the company profile, grow its training base and maximise business opportunities.

Antony MillarAntony MillarIT DirectorI

As Network Manager Antony is responsible for the maintenance of the entire CPL Training Group’s network infrastructure, the research and design of new systems, products, technologies and the day-to-day running of the company’s computer systems and telecoms. Antony is Microsoft certified with over fifteen years’ experience in the IT sector. His daily duties include providing CPL employees with technical support, monitoring system health and managing any technological complications that may arise.

Lisa GrahamLisa GrahamGroup HR ManagerI

With previous experience in the NHS and the security industry, Lisa led her previous company through successful achievements where she received recognised industry accreditations as Quality and Compliance Manager. In December 2012, Lisa joined CPL Training Group as Group HR Manager. Lisa is now restructuring and streamlining current HR systems, with projects underway to strengthen the department and moving it forward. The team also plan to bring a fresh outlook to the company and new, invigorating ideas.

Debbie McNameeDebbie McNameeExaminations ManagerI

Debbie leads the CPL examinations department by managing the entire process of distributing examination papers and controlling their progress from start to finish through all of CPL’s examination centres. Her responsibilities also include efficiently processing examinations to and from the various awarding bodies.

Gui ChipchaseGui ChipchaseLicensing ManagerI

Gui joined CPL Training in 2006 and his predominant role is to oversee our licensing service, which is responsible for the completion of applications for personal, and premises licences as well as major and minor variations to premises licences nationwide for our private and corporate clients. CPL Training is a registered umbrella body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enabling us to make applications for both Standard and Enhanced Criminal record checks for which Gui is Lead Counter-signatory. In addition to this Gui is also responsible for managing occupational English language test administrations for Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment (CBLA) in the Gulf region. Gui is also undertaking study through The Law Academy (Liverpool) to achieve his Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer qualifications.

Rebecca TeddsRebecca TeddsCustomer Service ManagerI

Rebecca joined CPL Training in January 2008 as part of our Apprenticeship Programme. Four NVQs later and Rebecca is now the Customer Service Manager responsible for both the inbound and outbound booking teams, processing personal licence and compliance bookings. With her customer service knowledge and experience Rebecca understands how to satisfy client’s requirements and ensures expectations are exceeded every time. She is also responsible for analysing sales data and reporting the figures to senior management.

Michelle LyonsMichelle LyonsCorporate Account ManagerI

Michelle has over ten years’ experience working with corporate customers and is responsible for ensuring paramount levels of customer service whilst managing the daily administration of courses in the office. Her hands-on approach ensures that corporate customers' training needs are analysed and met and that they receive a full evaluation after the completion of training projects, guaranteeing them that they can quantify the outcomes and benefits.

Lisa JonesLisa JonesCorporate Account ManagerI

With an extensive background in financial services and client relationship management, Lisa brings a wealth of experience in identifying customer needs and providing working solutions. By building and developing lasting working relationships, Lisa strives to deliver a superior customer service experience and ensures that all her clients training needs are met.

Richard ForsterRichard ForsterAccount ManagerI

Richard joined CPL Training in 2013 coming from a leisure industry and digital marketing background, working within sales and client relationship management roles. Richard’s primary role is to ensure that CPL Training provide the most suitable blended training solutions for his clients, along with finding and developing business opportunities. This is ensured by building strong working relationships with all clients, enabling a full business understanding for each which assists in a consultative approach. With his digital marketing experience Richard also assists in the management of the website and its online marketing including analysing the sites statistics on a regular basis along with looking after the paid advertising campaigns.

How It All Began

The business was formed in 1991 by Daniel Davies and Paul Chase. Initially the activity of the business was to provide a weekend training course for new licensees needing a short course on licensing and compliance and a basic understanding of pub commercials.

The big change for the business came with the publication in 2000 of the Labour Government’s White Paper ‘Time for Reform’, which proposed a radical reform of licensing law. Among the changes was the introduction of a mandatory, nationally recognised qualification for licensees – the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH). This was to be a legal requirement for those applying for the new ‘personal licence’ required to authorise alcohol sales. As a result of this CPL Training engaged with a qualifications awarding body, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB) to develop this qualification. We went on to develop seven qualifications with LCCIEB, and its successor company Education Development International, all of which were taken into national qualification frameworks in England and Wales and in Scotland.

From January 2005 CPL Training rapidly expanded its network of training course venues to meet demand for the new APLH. Scotland also reformed its licensing system, introducing a similar training requirement to England and Wales – the SCPLH. We started offering this in 2008. It was a period of rapid expansion and growth for the company.

In 2010 we created a new division, CPL Online, having decided to expand our training activities beyond face-to-face training and into e-learning available online. This has become a phenomenal success and we have a portfolio of over 40 courses used widely throughout our chosen sectors. The CPL Online division of our business has also expanded into software development. We are now the leading provider of e-learning to the licensed retail sector and count amongst our clients some of the biggest names in licensed retail and in the care sector.